“It has become increasingly clear that no one is going to save us and we have to work together to experiment with new ways both being in the world. For this we have to return knowledge to the realm of the social by producing knowledge collectively.” C. Pentacost (2012)

The talking sticks idea developed from my essay “What do we question within art and design pedagogy?” I have encouraged questioning recently, through this ancient tool, which is passed around a group to allow each person to be deeply heard, rather than just listened to. The process can help to bring mental clarity, intuitive insights and deep understanding between individuals. I consider this connection to be of supreme importance for helping us meet the demands of 21st century life. My assertions are supported by hooks, “….the engaged voice must never be fixed and absolute but always changing, always evolving in dialogue with a world beyond itself” (1994, pg.11). My intention is to encourage your participation by trying out this form of heartfelt communication, which can be extremely innovative and creative, with a community of practice of your own.



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